Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical frequency for visits and length of overall treatment?

The first visit is a diagnostic evaluation that lasts 60-75 minutes and involves a thorough review of the patient’s background history and current symptoms. Following this visit, we will discuss a treatment plan and schedule weekly or twice weekly therapy sessions that are typically 50 minutes in duration. As the treatment progresses, we may reduce frequency of visits to every other week or once a month.

Though CBT tends to be a short-term treatment (i.e., 12-20 sessions), the duration of treatment can vary quite a bit depending on the treatment goals and severity of the presenting problems. We will discuss an estimate of treatment duration during the treatment planning process.

Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Micco’s practice does not contract with any insurance companies. Some insurance plans (i.e., PPO plans) offer partial reimbursement for out-of-network services. Clients should contact their insurance companies to determine what out-of-network coverage they have. We will provide you with a detailed receipt with the necessary diagnostic and billing codes to submit for out-of-network benefits.

What are your fees and payment policies?

Please contact Dr. Micco directly for the fee schedule. Payment is due at time of service. Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) are accepted for your convenience.

Do you offer therapy via video teleconference?

Yes, for patients in the state of Massachusetts, Dr. Micco provides HIPAA-compliant video conference sessions through a platform called VSee. More information about this service will be provided at the initial intake.

Where can I learn more about CBT, anxiety disorders, and depression?

These websites have a wealth of helpful information: